Consider taking their word for it

“Mathias is a hardcore generalist. He provided outstanding support in several high-level strategic and management projects here at Xerox. I highly recommend him as an on-demand brain for senior management and executives, especially in sales and marketing.”

Christian Gericke
Managing Director
Xerox Germany

“With his personality and authenticity, Mathias immediately connected with all workshop participants, and his ad hoc reactions to all kinds of interjections kept everyone involved right to the end. His clear and easy-going, yet highly structured approach helped the group to discuss even complex issues in a timely manner and reach a productive consensus.”

Manuel Vogler
Head of After Sales
EDAG Engineering
“Some projects are busy, and some are super extra crazy busy. In some of the latter, we called on Mathias’ services and got rewarded with the results we needed with a crazy-fast turnaround. He is a professional and lively communicator, gets to the point quickly, and delivers with an attention to detail that goes above and beyond.”

Iris Hagemann
Chief Operations Officer
“As software developers, we are skeptical about coaching and coaches. We need clear guidance, concrete measures and tools, and we need someone who speaks the language of our people. Thanks to a valuable recommendation, we came across Mathias and – after consulting with the teams – decided to get him on board. And it was a good decision. He is highly empathetic and structured, and definitely not a wimp. Across all roles, he led us brilliantly, with clarity and structure, and helped us untangle strategic, communicative and emotional knots.

As a result, we were able to resolve a very challenging issue that had been threatening our growth. Mathias’ preparatory and follow-up work was terrific. He strengthened trust within teams, between teams, and from the teams towards management. We highly value his open-mindedness and deep understanding of the business that opens up new perspectives for us and will continue working with him in the future.”

Björn Jacob
Managing Director, TRITUM

Board Member,

“Mathias teaches final year Chinese students the intricacies of digital branding and social media and supervises their final papers. He masters these difficult tasks with a level of clarity, calmness and structure I have rarely seen before. Among his best skills: The ability to explain even the most complex topics to everyone in simple, straightforward terms.”

Prof. Dr. Joachim Bongard
Dean, Brand Management
Brand University of Applied Sciences
“After only a handful of consulting sessions, Mathias helped us pull off an e-mail campaign with a stellar 2,877% ROI. He is fluent in technology and psychology alike and a strategic deep thinker that gets to results fast. His wide range of expertise has made a huge impact on our marketing strategy and performance and he always brings value to the table. Highly recommended to every company that wants to streamline and improve their marketing efforts and sales figures on and offline.”

Ana Rodas
Director of Marketing
Hillerich & Bradsby
“Our business is all about understanding the innermost motivations of human beings and using this knowledge to reach business-critical decisions. Mathias teaches an eclectic mix of business coaching, brand management and sociology of tourism at IST University. In his courses, Mathias connects these seemingly disparate topics with a unique combination of critical thinking, creativity, and wit.”

Prof. Dr. Felix Kempf
Dean, Tourism Marketing
IST University für Management