Organizational Culture Development
Crisis Intervention & Conflict Mediation
C-Suite Coaching
Executive Workshops

With 25+ years in the business, this is a slice of my current menu:

Empathic Efficiency Achieve and maintain a results-oriented organizational culture based on clear communication, psychological safety and extraordinary efficiency.

Transformational Performance Coaching Exclusive full-year 1-on-1 coaching programs and resilience & antifragility retreats for those who want, or need, to emerge into someone new.

Resilient Onboarding I create processes with your leadership and HR teams to quickly get new hires up to speed and integrated with their teams.

20+ Ready-to-Launch Workshops to boost team alignment, employee retention, commitment, and productivity. Some examples are Emotional Autonomy (i. e., how to be authentic without being an asshole), Self-Optimization While Staying Sane, or Understanding Understanding.

All offers are available in English and German, some in Japanese and Spanish. For larger projects, I leverage a network of currently 24 consultants, coaches, and advisors.

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